Pet SPA Treatments Dubai

At Pampered Poochies, we are offering a wide range of Pet SPA Treatments in Dubai. All of these services are professionally designed to give your pets a wonderful feeling and since we believe in good relations with customers so we have set the price below what others are offering.

Below is the list of SPA Treatment services that we are offering in Dubai.

  • Coat Color enhancing & whitening conditioning bath (15 min)
    We use a specific shampoo to enhance black or white coats. These shampoos have qualities that enhance the look of the pigmentation in the coat leaving it feeling smooth, silky and full of shine.
  • Blueberry Facial (15 min)
    A revitalising and luxurious face scrubs which helps sooth and balance. It has a natural and exfoliating effect helping to remove dirt and tear stains around the eyes and mouth. This treatment includes also a relaxing head massage.


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  • Pawdicure (30 min)
    This includes a vanilla paw soak, between pads and paw trim, stream towels to soften the paw pads and a gentle paw massage with Aloe Paw balm.
  • Deluxe Pet (60 min)
    This spa treatmenet enjoys all the regular pawdicure treatments with the added luxury of steamed towel to further soften the paws as well as a nail cap from Soft Claws brand or a coat of painted nails of different magical colors.
  • Thalassotherapy Mud Bath (30 min)
    Our specially formulated mud from the Dead Sea is packed with unique minerals that cannot be found elsewhere. This treatment is not only ideal for improving the texture of your pet’s coat but t is also extremely theurapetic for dogs with painful joint or sore muscles. It is also soothing for dogs with sensitive skin, skin allergies, eczema, psoriasis or other skin conditions. The mud is massaged into the coat and left to sit for 30 min whilst your pet is wrapped in warm towel. The treatment removes the waste from deep inside pores that cannot be washed away with the ordinary shampoo making your pet feel like a million dollars.
  • Aromatherapy Massage (30 min)
    A calming and relaxing treatment in which your pet is massaged with your choice of aromatic oil. This in-bath massage promotes blood circulation, relieves stress and enhances the lustre of the coat. This is coupled with a soothing atmosphere with our unique distressing plug-ins and relaxing music in the background.
  • Smile ! (15 min)
    This treatment includes a mouth brush as well as watery application to kill germs that cause bad breathe, plague and gingivitis. Fresh breathe kits application are also available to purchase in-store for a regular home application.
  • Tic Tic Boom Treatment (1 – 2 hours )
    For the naughty ones who have managed to catch unwanted tics, we provide special tics & flea shampoo to assist in the cleansing of the pet’s body. This is a special treatment that requires isolation of the pet from others and therefore we prefer to offer this service at pet’s own house in order to avoid contamination. We also strongly urge the usage of Frontline as a preventive measurement to protect the little angels from the bad guys. Anti-tics & Flea and Frontline kits are also available to purchase in-store for home application. Our Spa specialist can demonstrate how to use it at home.
  • See no Evil, Hear no Evil treatment (15 min)
    This service is usually an add-on to our wash & blowdry or comes as part of the full grooming package offered. This treatment includes a thorough petscope surveillance in the pet’s ears to ensure that no earmites or other skin irritations persist and carefully ear cleaning solutions is applied to ensure all dirts and other dead skin are removed away. This ear & eye cleansing treatment uses the best products available in the market such as FourPaws so that the pet’s eyes can sparkle.
  • Furminator Treatment – Deshedding (30 min)
    This service is for those little angels with a little more fur than their parents enjoy. Through our Furminator – Deshedding application we can bring relief to all that hair shedding and make your pet feel comfortable under his/her own skin.
  • Mini Spa Treatment – Wash & Blowdry plus Massage ( 1.30 – 2.30 hours)
    This service is for those spoiled angels whose parents wish to give a proper treat from grooming to massage so they can feel like haven is on earth.
  • Deluxe Spa treatment – Full Grooming plus Massage (4 hours – 8 hours)
    This is for the ultimate pampered pooch!! It is perfect for a special occasion, birthday, or to completely pamper your pet from top to bottom. It is also a perfect pick-me-up for poochies that have been in kennels due to their owners being away. The treatment will ensure that they are showered with love and attention from the moment they walk into our spa. We can also add a litte extra sparkle to your pet with a touch of glitter complimentary upon request. And we give away at no extra charge a bandana for the real boys and little bows for the cute girls.
  • Sparkly Treatment (15 min)
    This is for all those poochies ready to attend a special party alongside their parent, who enjoy some sparkles added along with their pink ribbons or blue bow-ties.

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