Pet Grooming Dubai Overview

As a responsible pet owner it is important to take steps to learn after the health and well-being of your pet. At Pampered Poochies we are offering Pet Grooming Dubai services and we ensures that the health of your pet is protected and pet looks good and feels comfortable too. This is why grooming is one of those very important steps:

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  • It enables health checks on your pet such as paw cuts, infestation, ear wax problems, issues with the coat, skin problems and other related skin issues.
  • It helps your pet looking well kept.
  • It keeps comfort to your pet.

When it comes to grooming, people have different ideas and preferences how often they wash and brush and check their pets. Some pet owners do it on weekly basis, biweekly or monthly basis. However many times you choose to groom your pet, it is important to remember that at Pampered Poochies Spa we care about your four-legged friends and as such as have brought only the best products and technology so that your pet is spoiled rotten.

We are proud to used only the best natural products available in the market ranging from shampoos, conditioners, spritzers, dental hygiene kits from top brands such as Nootie, HappyTails, Espree, Furminator, Andis, FourPaws offering a long-lasting, delicious scent as well as numerous benefits for your pet’s coat and skin using natural ingredients such as Aloe & Oatmeal, Jojoba Oil and so on that will leave your pet’s coat shiny and help alleviate a multitude of skin problems.

Prices for Pet Grooming Dubai vary on the type of several requirements such as size, condition and temperament of the pet.


July Offer:

Free tooth brushing and anal gland expression with feeling fab grooming service.


Grooming Services:

  • Shine Like a Star – Wash & Fluffy Blowdry (1-2 hours)
    For the busy pet who is always on the go, Shine like a Star! Service does the trick. This includes dead-hair removal, shampoo and conditioning, a warm blowdry and a luxury finishing cologne / spritzer
  • Rock the Style – Wash and Hair trimming (1-2 hours)
    For the fashionistas who simply require a quicker than usual full grooming, we offer this service which includes dead-hair removal, two shampoos, conditioning, hair trimming & styling, a warm blowdry and a luxury finishing spritzer
  • Feeling Fab – full grooming (2-5 hours)
    This offers a complete pampering session for your pet. It includes removal of dead hair, soothing bath with two shampoos and conditioner, nail and in between the pad trimming, ear & eye cleansing, custom-made coat styling, warm hand fluff dry and a dash of cologne
  • Sparkling Diamond – The Ultimate Grooming (2-5 hours)
    Our Ultimate grooming treatment offers everything your pet needs to look good both in and out of the house. This includes dead-hair removal, nail trim, a between pads and paw trimming, ear & eye cleansing, two shampoos, conditioner, a warm blowdry, a custom-made coat styling by a Pet Stylist, a dental fresh breathe treatment and anal glad expression if required
  • Puppy / Kitty Love grooming (1-2 hours)
    Introduce your new puppy / kitty to the benefits of grooming. A gentle brush will be followed by a relaxing body wash with waterless shampoo, which helps add lustre to your pet’s coat. A warm blowdry will encourage your little one to relax in the grooming environment. We are offering 50% off for puppies/kitties under 4 months old.

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