Pet Daycare Dubai

Pampered Poochies offers safe, luxurious Pet Daycare facilities in Dubai for your pets especially for the busy professional parents who do not have the time to spend the need time and attention to their dogs. Dogs unlike cats require a lot more time spent in order not to feel bored, which is also one of the reasons why they become mischievous and bite furniture and destroy thing around the house.

We at Pampered Poochies make sure that your dog receives tender loving care under professionals who love and understand pets and lots of physical activities so when he/she gets home will be tired out and ready to sleep and behave well next to the owner.

Pet Daycare Dubai facilities are also ideal for those dogs who show shyness and behavioral problems especially when they are not exposed to other dogs and one of the things we aim at achieving is the socializing aspect of the doggies. Pet Daycare is also great place for all the doggies to meet new friends and hang out whilst they are being well looked after receiving 5 walks a day.

July Offer:

Free wash and blow dry service for pets daycare staying with us for maximum 7 days.

Things that matter, that make the difference

  • Permanently laid non-skid athletic flooring to protect dogs’ joints, sealed to promote a healthy and clean environment.
  • Fresh, filtered water at all times from automatic watering bowls.
  • AC in summer, radiant heated in the winter.
  • Fully supervised- dogs are never left alone, even for a minute.
  • Play nice policy- every dog is assessed for matched play.
  • Web cams for the playground.
  • Extended hours to match your needs. Floors are treated with an agent to resist bacteria and fungal growth and place is pesticides to ensure highest hygiene levels.
  • Our boutique is conveniently located in Jumeirah Lake Towers which is still one of the pet friendliest communities for daily walks.

For all the dogs in our daycare, it is prerequisite that we have certain information before they are enrolled. For this we have provided Registration Form for the Daycare, which should be downloaded and filled in before your doggie joins our daycare.

  • All Pets must be vaccinated and the vaccination card must be shown.
  • Please make sure that you demonstrate to the Pampered Poochies Staff the last booster for your dog.
  • All Pets coming in for daycare and other services are required to be microchipped (requirements from Dubai Municipality).
  • Male pets must be all neutered above 6 months old.
  • Flea & tick control protection.

Please note: all dogs must meet our requirements for daycare and have completed an assessment before joining in on the fun.

Daycare Assessment

Pet Nursery in Dubai

As an added service to our regular clients, we offer just-like-home overnight care. We have 15 kennels in Dubai and as such it gets very busy especially during holidays therefore we urge for you to book well in advance.

Your best friend will snuggle up at night after a full day of play and you can sleep well knowing they are in good hand.

All overnight boarders have to fill in the admission forms and sign the Terms & Conditions providing full information on your pet, which should be downloaded here.

While your dog or cat is with us you should expect:

  • Bedding hygienic
  • Grooming upon request or length of stay(at an extra fee)
  • Exercising daily
  • Daily Walks
  • Toys
  • Socialising upon request
Kenneling Assessment

Pet Daycare Dubai

  • Assessment test for small & medium dogs: 100 AED
  • Assessment test for large dogs: 150 AED
  • Drop-offs upon request and booked in advance: 30 – 100 AED depending on area
  • Daycare: 10 AED per hour to max 80 AED
  • 2 days a week plus 1 complimentary wash & blowdry or 1 daycare day: 640 AED monthly
  • 3 days a week plus 1 free wash & blowdry + 1 free daycare day: 960 AED monthly
  • 4 days a week plus 3 free wash & blowdry + 1 free daycare day: 1280 AED monthly
  • 5 days a week plus 3 free wash & blowdry + 1 free daycare + 1 overnight stay: 1600 AED monthly

Book today and reserve your overnight stay during your vacations

Kenelling Packages & Prices

  • Dog overnight nursery: 130 AED per day
  • Cat overnight nursery: 100 AED per day