Just like us, extreme seasonal changes affect our dogs as well. So we need to be extra careful when it comes to summers and winters, especially during summers there is a high chance of dehydration, heat stroke and other major health hazards. So, let us have a look at some of the summer health hazards and how we can prevent them from affecting our poochies:


Dogs love to jump around and play with us, but all this jumping around makes them thirsty and if they don’t have proper access to water it may lead to dehydration, which can severely affect the health of your dog. So, to prevent this always keep clean, cool and fresh water within their reach and introduce them to canned dog foods for increasing moisture content.



Summer is the peak time for fleas and ticks and their presence can cause your dog a lot of discomfort and can harm your dog in a lot of ways. Keep your dog safe from these parasites by giving him a high quality diet and using other supplies like essential oils, flea/tick collars, repellent shampoos and keeping your dog well groomed, will do wonders in protecting your dog from these parasites.


Burned Pads

During summers the sidewalks and streets can heat up to a really high temperature that can burn your dog’s paw. So don’t let your dog go through such torture, make sure that you check the roads before you walk them on it by placing your hand on it and if you can’t hold your hand there for more than five seconds that means it is not suitable for your dog to walk on it. Also, during summers it is better to schedule their walks early morning or late in the evening.



One of the worst things you can do to your dog is to leave them in a car in the scorching sun, the heat from outside will turn your car into a furnace and severely damage your dog’s health. So, make sure that you never leave your dog in a parked car even for 5 minutes.


Extra Fur

Heavy or matted fur can weigh your dog down and can lead to overheating. So, make sure you keep you are on track with regular grooming and brushing off the extra fur.


Heat Stroke

Heat stroke is fatal health hazard. Leaving your overexposed to the sun is main cause for it. In order to prevent it, make sure you don’t indulge your dog in exercise during the afternoons, keep it for early morning or for late evenings. Also, never ever leave your dog in a parked car even with windows rolled down.


So, these are some of the health hazards which are very common during the summers and can dangerously affect your dog’s health, make sure that you not only take good measures to avoid them but also take extra care of your furry friend and keep them fully hydrated during the peak summertime.