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Company is registered & Licensed as a FREEZONE Company under the Rules & Regulation of DMCCA

  • All Pets must be vaccinated, it must be shown in the card.

  • If your pet requires boosters during the time of staying with us, we are happy to handle this for you but there will be handling fee added to the actual bill. Otherwise please handle it before dropping your Pet:
    • Cats – Rabies, also feline thinetrachetis, calicivirus and paulenkopnia must be vaccinated against these diseases. First time vaccinations must be at least 21 days old. Injection are tricat, Feligen, Fevals, or Fel-o-Vax
    • Dogs – vaccinations against distemper, canine Hepatitis, Leptospicosis and Parvovirus administered as a single or combined injection known as DHLP also DHLPP which also includes Canine Cough. First time vaccination should be at least 21 days old. Additionally a vaccination against canine parainfluenza against Bodatella is required and must be at least 7 days before the pet boards with us.

  • We strongly encourage tags for Pets and microchipped for our loved ones.

  • We shall not board unneutered male cats or dgs over the age of 6 month.

  • Flea & Tick protection using frontline to be done in our presence. You can buy Frontline from us or purchase it elsewhere but the application must be done in front of us.

  • We provide our own food which is dry food from Royal Canin for your pets. We can accommodate any other types of food such as dietary or others but in such cases we shall require that you supply your own food or you can purchase it from our store which we shall use.

  • We will weight your pet at the start of the lodging as it is often common that dogs and cats may loose or gain weight whilst in our care as this is a normal reaction to the change of the environment. In order to assist on this we will weight your pet upon arrival and every 2 weeks of staying with us.

  • When dogs are adolescent they chew & they chew a lot. If they are not given anything to chew on they will find something to chew on so occassionally we might give your dog a chew bone and you will be charged for this. Or we suggest that you could choose to purchase the chewing bones upon arrival. We promise not to take advantage of this.

  • We shall take care of any personal belongings such as toys, cages, beddings that the owner might leave. We provide beds in the sleeping cages so no need to bring your own beddings or cages. We shall not accept responsibility for these items with regards to loss or damage.

  • If your pet becomes ill, we shall take him to the vet you specified. There is a handling fee for this service. It there is an emergency there might be a necessary call-out. This might cost AED300-500. We are not liable for veterinary fees provided to your pet whilst in our care.

  • Please inform if you would like to be contactable for minor emergency.

  • Payment: boarding, flea protection must be paid in full upon arrival. All unknown or unanticipated bills or extended stay will be paid in full upon departure. Any overpayment will be refunded in full.

  • We will need a valid credit card and authorisation to take payments. In Form A we require you to take payment in your credit card in your absence on the 1st of each month in the event that your pet remains boarding with us for a period that extends the original paid.

  • The day of boarding finishes on noon the next day. The collection of pets is expect by Noon.

  • For all the peak period there is a deposit of 50% of full payment done.

  • For every booking done in off-peak season there is a deposit of AED300, which is refundable if cancellation is done a month in advance or more before the start date.

  • In case of unfortunate circumstances if the pet is abandoned or the owner becomes unreliable with regards to the costs associated to the care of the pets, we are then forced to remove your pet from our care. If your pet is not collected by the end of the boarding period for which you have paid and we have no communication with you or we are unable to collect payment for the continued boarding either from you or from the credit card we will be forced to remove the pet from our care.