A nice cuddle with your puppy can surely cure a bad day, but these cute little fur balls not only run, skip and jump around the house looking all cute they also leave some nice surprises around the house for you. When it comes to potty problems, one must maintain, train and adopt proper sanitization. If your adult dog ends up doing such accidents then a visit to the vet is recommended but if it is your new bundle of furry joy then you need to adopt proper steps to housetrain them before they get used to such behavior. Here are a few steps which one can adopt for housetraining.




Make sure that you feed your dog on schedule, if the feeding is done on irregular intervals then the elimination will also not be regular. So, always feed on time in order to develop an elimination schedule.




Being a new pet parent is tough, so while you potty train them make sure you keep a note of their feeding time, elimination time and most importantly you keep an eye on their pre-elimination behavior. All dogs show some or the other signs when they want to go out for peeing or for potty, so keep a tab on that and if necessary make a notebook if required.




If you are working pet parent and cannot take your puppy out for elimination then make sure you put them in the habit of sitting in a crate and staying in a hygienic and clean environment so that they won’t eliminate in the available crate space and then lie next to it. If you are out all day for work then you need to ask someone to take your puppy out for mid-day elimination or make them familiar with some safe spot for doing their business until they are mature enough to control it for long.




Finally it’s that day when your furry little kid is eliminating outside, it’s party time! I know it’s a very proud moment but don’t forget to reward them for doing so good after they are done eliminating, rewarding will help to encourage them to indulge in that habit and put them on a time frame.




If you catch your puppy in the act, then make sure you interrupt them in a non-angry tone and immediately take them to the designated spot and reward them if they do it outside.



If your puppy is still doing little elimination inside the house then clean it up properly and don’t punish them for it because they need to interrupted during the process and not after it. Make sure you use proper cleaning supplies to clean up the eliminations around the house.